Friday, November 22, 2013

First house!

Am about to have inspection on this property, after quite a number of near-misses (and many more property visits that left me cold). There were a number of bids on this one too, supporting my impression that Philadelphia is oversupplied with individuals and companies interested in renovating properties for resale, so that promising houses get snapped up.

Anyway, I appear to have gotten lucky in time to keep me from giving up all hope, so, assuming all goes well this weekend, I'll soon be planning my renovations and picking my finishes and generally getting obsessed with giving this nice house a facelift. Here's hoping this will be only the first of many! Will post some inside views before, during, and after for those who like to watch the process unfold . . .

Edit: Of course, I jinxed this by posting before I had finalized things. Inspection reveals need for much additional work, costs spiral, probably can't buy this one after all. Back to the drawing board! :(