Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kitchen taking shape!

Well, at last the cabinets have been installed, and I can start to see the outlines of a pretty spiffy modern kitchen. The scale of 42-inch cabinets is a little hard to convey in photos, but it's very striking in person! I want these in my kitchen at home!!


You can see the nice built-in compartment for the fridge at left and a gap for the stove and microwave. (Also, some glimpses into the interior machinery of the cabinets, which includes a bunch of nice roll-outs and so forth that got thrown in with my order as freebies.)


Next up, the new sink base (gonna get a nice big one in there!) and dishwasher (the absence of which was part of why I had to gut the kitchen to begin with).


Continuing around, we come to the grey section of cabinetry, including a spiffy aluminum-and-glass wall cabinet (an extravegence I'm unlikely to repeat, but will definitely enjoy), and where there will be a breakfast bar once the countertops arrive.

These photos are a couple of weeks old already, so there's paint on the walls and other things falling into place. Next to show here: adventures with granite!!