Monday, March 3, 2014

Long cold season


I know it’s been a few weeks since I updated, and they’ve been frustrating ones. We’ve had a number of major snowstorms (enough so that even my kid curses the prospect of another snow day!) which have meant days when nobody could work, and even between storms it's been so uncharacteristically cold that a lot of work on the exterior of the house basically can't be done. (Read: too cold for cement and stucco.) Plus, there was some poor communication between my general contractor and my HVAC team (each waiting for the other to do some preparatory step) that added at least a week of time sitting around, probably more.

radiator_fill_inbasement_drywallSo, stuff has been getting done at the house, but it's less the kind of stuff that makes for exciting visual progress and fun After photos and more the kind of work that involves one guy there by himself straightening out some sub-code wiring, or another one doing some framing in preparation for new drywall. It feels like slow going (and I'm sooooo tired of the cold!) but I do have an entirely new furnace and ductwork, MBR_closet_framethe basement has walls again, there are can lights in the ceilings where they're supposed to be, and all the bedrooms have nice closets and decently levelled and mudded walls, so things have in fact been happening!

Still, heaps of finishes are delivered and waiting to be installed, and in fact appliances and even kitchen cabinets are waiting impatiently in the wings. So I hope we'll start getting some of the chaos cleared and some things like tile and paint getting into place soon! Fingers crossed! Meantime, one little happy bit was the materialization of my middle bedroom window seat, incorporating the new heat/ac vent into its base:


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