Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tales of the second floor, Part I: The bedrooms

We previously heard the sad tale of the floors in these two rooms. But everything else about their transformation was all happiness and joy! Let's take a look:
  • Before. The first bedroom was narrow but long enough to fit a bed and a desk. Unfortunately, it also boasted some grim faux paneling, drop ceiling, and a prime 1970s rug:


    The front bedroom was decent sized and more square, but had a number of charms of its own, including a lighter version of the paneling and an emerald green rug, capped off with fake beam trim:

  • During. All that panelling came off, revealing a variegated set of walls underneath.

    A little souvenir from the previous owners,
    who must have put up the panelling themselves.

    There was even a walled-in minicloset in the front bedroom!

    There was even a missing ceiling for a while, as work was done in the master bathroom overhead (and all the flooring was harvested for repair purposes)...


  • After. Ok, new drywall and paint, some carpet as mentioned previously, and a little more rational treatment of those closets, and what do you get? Here's the first bedroom:


    And here's that front bedroom, sans green and crazy trim:

All grown up! Next up, a crowded and narrow bathroom gets opened up and a modern facelift.

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