Sunday, October 4, 2015

A kitchen story: Part II

Ok, here's the reveal! Some of these are pictures I took, and some were fisheye shots by my realtor's favorite photographer, made for the listing. Some have staging, and some are just before that happened...

Daylight really brings out the character of this place!

This one gives you a great sense of the left side of the room.

And this one of the right side, previously empty, now fully functional!

A couple of wide-angle shots will help clarify the geometry of all this.

Notice the BlueTooth speaker built in over the door...

And here we get a little advance spoiler of the finished dining room
and the open appliance garage.

Here are a few additional details and little touches, for those who like a nice design photo.

Grey quartz, 30" sink, and my favorite high faucet. Yum.

A close-up of the appliance garage so that you can admire the
spiffy charging station (USB outlets!) alongside.

For good or ill, I staged the kitchen myself this time, except for the
painting they threw up there. Love these plates and random napkins...

Well that's it for the kitchen. I guess I should pay off my spoiler above by continuing the first floor. Then I can take us to the upper levels for a trip from demo to staging. Hope to get more up soon!

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