Friday, January 10, 2014

Real #1: Window Seat House

front view from the listingOk, this is the one I'm really going to rehab. (Explanation on the name will have to wait.) I close on this house next week and don't foresee any problems between now and then (other than that I offered a bit more than I wanted to because they were already in a negotiation, of course).

Already have contractor bids underway and am starting to accumulate light fixtures and idea boards for what I want to do, as well as a huge (rather anal) spreadsheet listing all the desired repairs and as many of the finishes as I have already figured out. Have appliances ordered and on hold until we're ready to take them, etc. Off and running!!

Anyway, will post a formal set of "before" pictures after closing, but here are a few from the listing, just to give a flavor. Lots of unfortunate vintage touches (that is, 1970s, not 1800s), but it will clean up well. Good space and a finished basement. More details once I get my camera in there, as well as thoughts and plans.

DR and kitchen basement bar

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