Thursday, June 5, 2014

Progress on other fronts

Lest you think that we're working only on the kitchen, there have been a bunch of developments in other parts of the house, some final facelift steps, recently too. For example, the patio has had a fresh coat of sanded external paint (below left), colors tying in with the interior color scheme and cleaning up a host of peeling and cracked sections. Also, we replaced a sort of goosenecked-lamp rear patio light with this funky modern fixture (at right).

patio . patio_light

Around the same time, the bsement finally got its carpet -- a sort of berber-style nap, over a moisture-proofing layer and subfloor padding. It looks and feels great, exactly as I hoped!



carpet_close-uplaundry_roomSo now the stairs and family room (and extra space/office) are carpeted. There's glass brick in the bathroom and laundry areas, letting natural light down in there, and the bathroom is sporting a masculine grey color scheme and a cute new pedestal sink.


Meanwhile, most of the big stuff is finished upstairs too. The new vanity, backsplash, and medicine cabinet make a pretty sharp combination.


The window seat has gone from a group of boards to a cozy little perch (just waiting for the room to be clean enough to unwrap its custom cushion).


And the nice master closet, with its french doors, now has a nice set of hardware to add to its appeal (including a double rod and a bunch of shoe shelves).


Next up, a glimpse of the uncovered floors and finished bedrooms just before they get staged for showing.

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