Friday, June 6, 2014

Unveiling of the floors (and closets)

Ok, the paper finally came up. The floors look pretty gorgeous, although my contractor did make everything a much darker shade than I had anticipated or wanted (to hide some ancient dog pee or something) -- luckily he made the downstairs lighter, so the inlays all around the edge of the room show up better there. Anyway, I realized I'd never shown how all these new closets and general paint/trim was looking, so these "empty room" photos are covering all of that ground too.


Here's the master bedroom, in a lovely shade of light grey, with shiny floors in all their glory. The bookcase in this room wasn't done until literally after the staging furniture was already installed, but you can at least see the look of the closet (from the outside), with french doors and graceful handles. This room has really turned out as all I envisioned.


Here's the other main bedroom, in lovely prairie grass green, with its matched pair of closets.


If you blow up this second shot, you can see that the inlay around the edges of the room still shows, despite the dark stain -- hooray for retaining some history!


It's hard to take a good picture of the middle bedroom, since the closet is just inside the door and there's not that much else to show (blue paint and white trim). So I'll beg your indulgence for another window seat picture, just to get the window and floor in there too.

I guess that means that all that's left is to unveil the staged listing photos, and then I'll finish up with some power before-and-after comparisons. But I'm taking a little vacation first, so you'll just have to wait!

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